!@#$ You Fund

There is a power dynamic in most relationships that is predicated on dependence. Simply put, the side that needs the other less has the power.

A common reason that an employee might need their employer is money. However, the level of need varies from employee to employee: from the least (a financially independent person who works for the fun of it) to the most (someone who will be on the street if Friday’s check doesn’t clear). This is why employers love to hire parents with mortgages; in addition to being generally reliable, they need the steady paycheck.

The less power you have relative to your employer, the more you are at their mercy.

One of the simplest ways to reduce an unfavorable power imbalance is to build up a financial war chest. The longer you can go without an employer’s main bargaining chip – money, the less you need them. And the less you need them, the more power you have.

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